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 So friends are you also using iPhone? So I have brought special 10 such tips and tricks for you, with the help of which you can make your daily life much easier. Running an iPhone is not just about everyone as you all know. There is a lot of difference between iPhone and ANDROID, that’s why ANDROID’s tips do not work on iPhone, so I have brought it for all of you, especially for iPhone users, where you can make your life a lot easier with the help of this trick, so let’s go Moving on:-


DND at Bedtime – Who does not like to sleep, then if you are very tired and you want your phone not to make any sound or you can not hear anything even when someone’s call or message alert comes. So friends, at the same time, we use DND SETTING here where it happens, if you turn on this setting, then there is any message or phone or any action on your phone. Nothing will be heard. Meaning that your phone is put in completely silent mode. So, friends, that’s why we use these settings here.

This new setting is being seen in all phones after iOS 12, if you have less than iOS 12 version then you cannot turn on these settings in it. That’s why most people use this setting at night time and during classes.


In iOS 12, you take advantage of computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, facial recognition and augmented reality, so that you can locate almost any object using your iOS device’s camera.

How to use the Measure app –

It may not measure completely accurately, but in some cases, it can give you accurate information, for now, it is a new application, so after some time using it, you will understand it yourself.

 Therefore, this application cannot be used much right now. Somewhere you will not get the correct information.


So friends, some time ago people had to face more trouble, if they want to search for anything, if they want to find any setting or any application in the phone, then they had to face a lot of problems. So that’s why some time ago a setting was not available in all new phones. In all the new phones that are coming nowadays, you are given the option of direct search in all the phones. From where you can search whatever you want, whether it is application or setting. Any option in the setting that you are not able to reach. Since these settings have come, people’s problems have reduced a lot. Now this setting will be seen on all phones including the iPhone.

Another advantage of this is that if you copy any message, then you will get to see a new search option. Where you can open that message in the direct browser also.


It happens in Lyric search that if you know the name or music of any song and if you take it there or listen or type it, then you will find your song. This application is used a lot because nowadays people forget the name of the song, sometimes there is music but if the song is not known, then you can also find the song from the music.


Press A Notification Banner On Upper Side – Then Tap The Setting Button – Now put whatever application you want wherever you want. After that, you save this setting. Your work is done.


You can use this setting for the maximum number of people you have in your Contact List. For example, if you have a special someone, you want to have a special ringtone for him or want to set a text, then you can. The advantage of this is that if you want to know without looking at your phone, whose phone or message has come, then you can know from this setting. In this setting, you have been given a special facility where you can save the contact number of any person through a special ringtone and text. So most people like to use this setting when they do not want to take their phone out of their pocket while reading or on the way so that they can know whose call or message has come.


So friends, if you have an old iPhone, then if you want to place your APP in one place or if you want to arrange it properly, then you had to do all the apps one by one, but since IOS 11 has come. Since then we have got to see a new function where you can click and move multiple apps at once. So that now people do not have any problem carrying them one by one from one place to another. If you have to move one or more apps to another place simultaneously, then you have to select both the apps, after that you can take them wherever you want.


iPhone calendar reminders: Not everyone is always aware of everything. Whether it is a festival or someone’s birthday, or whatever work is for you. So you forget that thing sometimes. So you do not need to worry, you can set your Routine with the help of iPhone calendar reminders. So that whatever your work or birthday is. Whatever happens, if you forget or do not remember by mistake, you can set reminders. Which will benefit you that even if you forget, your calendar will send you a message so that you can remember that thing. Can remember seeing it again. Many people use this setting and you will be one of them. Where you would have saved your friends’ birthdays or any office work.


So, friends, it must have happened to you at some point or the other that you are recording a video and you want to be able to click photos together. So friends are coming from all the new phones nowadays. All phones have this option, you do not have to do anything with it. When you are recording a video, you have the option of a shutter icon on the side, on which your photo will be clicked as soon as you click. So it is not easy that you can click anyone’s photo while doing the video.


You can call anyone in one click so many people will not know. So let me tell all of you that if you have iPhone then you have to go to CALL KAYPAD on your iPhone and you have to type on the green phone icon at the bottom. Now you people will think who will get the call, then as you click on the green icon, then the last number will be called to whomever it is. So NOW single button you can call to anyone. Most people don’t use it because you have to call different people at different times if you have to use it. So you can use it.

So, friends, that’s all for today, if you have liked any one of the 10 tricks, then definitely comment below, and also if you know anything extra about the iPhone, then do not forget to comment. So that in the coming few days a comment will be written on your trick as well. In which your name will also be shown. So do not forget to write your trick, so let’s meet with a new similar article till then take care of yourself thank you bye-bye.

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